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About Us

About Us

Welcome to The Home School

The Home School (IGCSE) is an initiative of the famed Century Foundation Educational Trust. Scientifically based research has shown that the first six years of life are crucial and it is essential to optimize development at this stage. Researchers have proven that children who experience just one year in a high quality learning environment experience significant positive development gains compared to children who may not have the advantage of quality care.

Correspondent Desk

-No Homework, No Bag – A place for progressive education in Tirupur with IGCSE Curriculum


In the month of June 2017, the Century Foundation was elated by stepping into a new dimension of education to give world-class learning environment with Indian values. I conceived this idea to preserve our culture and wind the stress and pressure down among the children and parents who fell prey to rote learning for success.

Dr.M.Sakthidevi, The Correspondent.


As a creative school, it provides several indispensable educational ideas to help fuel the students’ passion. To trigger this, the school follows the Cambridge Curriculum. To keep our Indian culture well preserved, the students are encouraged to wear Khadhi uniforms, learn ancient art, music and practice. We provide breakfast, snacks, and lunch on all school days. The meals are served on banana leaves in the way of sitting on the floor.

The schoolyard is beautifully laid with students-made garden, trees, and educational park. Students enjoy basking under the sun, play traditional games and nurture their plants and pets. The Century Foundation is delighted to bring first of its kind in Tirupur.


Is to create free thinking, responsible, competent, young adults with Indian values in the service of themselves and the world


  • To understand about the rich and varied heritage of India and values of their society.
  • To create patriotic younger generation with global thoughts.
  • To understand the problems and requirements of the poor and down-trodden.
  • To become an Eco Friendly Child and to create the same in the surroundings.
  • To expose students through regular training in sports and games for fitness and professional competence.
  • To create and continually improve the environment.
  • To facilitate the all round development of the children for core personality and global thinking.

Principal Desk

Dear Parents,

Education at THE HOME SCHOOL is tailored to meet the individual needs of the children. At the outset of my contract, I have the honor of being the Principal at a school that I love its philosophy. The success of our students is built in the combined efforts of The Home School community.

I would humbly request all the parents to actively participate in the developmental activities of our school.


M.Rajkumar, Principal.



The infrastructure will be phased over a period of 2 years

  • Puppet Theatre
  • Bird Park
  • Water Play
  • Open Air Theatre
  • Obstacle Play Area
  • Jungle Gym
  • Aroma Garden
  • Medicare Room
  • Bus Facility